Yuan Changming


Creating: An Ode to Queer

Towards the summer sky

I make a shape of heart

With my clumsy hands

This is the feel of life

                        I tell the season


This is to illuminate the dark

Dreamland like a search light                                        

I tell the crow stalking behind

Like the spirit of my late

           Father. This is to gather all


The positive energy in the world &

Send it to the future. I tell my

Unborn grandson. This is the cycle

Of life & the philosopher’s stone


I tell the greening copse. This is

The circle to fill in with cries

& laughs.

                  I tell my other self

Beyond the cosmic wall, as if

To balance yin and yang

             In a sexless universe

Past vs Present: A Sinnet Sonnet

Divided first in language || & life style; || divorced

From harmony || with nature; || developed

Into a new level || of being; || demanded by

The collective; || desired; || deformed; || deflated

Decentralised; || deprived of all rights; || defined

In terms || of quantum metaphysics; || determined

By an other way || of looking at || every dimension


Unfolding events…rolling stones…barking dogs

Sinking ships…rebuilding the station…dwelling

In two bodies…sighing…trying to get out…

Waiting for Godot…pointing towards…punning

Joining in the long march…celebrating…avoiding

Uprising…meditating…communicating in symbols

Organizing ourselves …to desex God …or Nature

Sonnet in Prepositions: Yes, It Is Right

Among the buds ready to stretch out

Beneath the mid-autumn moon

Circa 50 BC; down a rugged trail

Except when He needed a pen to draw


From hilltop to hilltop; in an alphabetic

List where neither g nor h can be

Found; like j and k; minus all masks &

Sloughs; near the end of twilight; on the day


When frogs had just lost their voices

Per sight; qua art; re: immigration to

Asgardia; since the breaking up of the soil

Than the matrimony of two snow geese


     Under the lowest cloud; via Styx

     Within the queer absence of x, y & z


To masturbate or to fuck

To masculinize or to feminize

To mock or to fake

To manipulate or to facilitate 

To mother or to father

To move down or to fill in

                      That is the question:

Whether it’s more accurate to declare

My biophysical (or spiritual) identity by ticking 

M/F in this tightly enclosed box, since I was born

With a willy, but have lost it in my mind. Hesitating 

To pick my sexuality or humanity, I wonder

How it is relevant to male fantasy or female modernity?

My Crows

1/ Know My Crow

            Crows everywhere is as black as one another. –Chinese Proverb


            Like the shadow of my shadow

Is the crow stalking constantly behind me

No other than the soul of your other self

Visiting me from a quasi parallel universe?


Winged with the feathers of benighted spirits

Throated with nightly darkness, it caws aloud

As if to summon every bit of my inner being

               In the name of Raum or Jingwei


2/ My Other Self

     Ture, as a Chinese saying goes
     Crows everywhere are equally black
     But this one in the backyard of my heart
     Is as white as a summer cloud
     I have fed him with fog and frost
     Until his feathers, his flesh
     His calls and even his spirit
     All turned into white like winter washed

     My crow’s wings will never melt
     Even when flying close to the sun

Poet Biography

Yuan Changming edits Poetry Pacific (poetrypacific.blogspot.ca) with Allen Yuan in Vancouver. Credits include ten Pushcart nominations, Jodi Stutz Award in Poetry (2020) & publications in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17) & BestNewPoemsOnline, among others across 45 countries.