Amelia Carter 



i’m sorry that you’ll have to be   so gingerly   in touching me

     because he came before   and touched me there

and there   and there too // he came   and he took everything

     except for the word “there”   a word torn between

where I want to go   and where you cannot touch

     not yet   not now   maybe not ever //

but i have healed   just a little bit   in the six years since

     and i realize he left me   my feet

maybe because he saw   how they froze my whole body

     and left one last bit of hurt behind ///

nobody cares about the feet   not really   since they lack the value

     of a thigh or a breast // and now mine are just jewelry

behind a case   locked away   after he broke in //

     now you can only look   and long for them

at arm’s reach // if i could give them up to you   i would


     but i’m afraid of flinching at your touch   and you hating me


for a pre-programmed response // a rogue line of code //


     of saying the wrong thing   when my lips are closed ///


I would not blame you   if you slipped out the door


     while i lied alone   half-naked   in my half-empty bed


because i am damaged goods // the broken egg in the dozen //


     but i cannot bear   to be alone anymore


not when i have held you   at arm’s reach // for so long

Stay-at-Home Lovers

I miss you now more than ever, I think,

because I have to stay away--the thought

of us apart so long makes my heart sink

like anchors through the sea. I know there’s not much I can do, and I don’t dare push, but

I ache to just be next to you, these days.

I ache for cooking dinner out of what

we bought that day, for finding out new ways

to spend a lazy Sunday, for one more

touch from your fingertips. I can’t seem to remember how they feel on my skin or

when I felt them last. God, how I miss you.

Some day, if the world manages to mend,

then I’ll stay by your side until the end.

Poet Biography

Amelia Carter is a recent college graduate who makes time for writing poetry whenever she can. This is her first publication.