the first issue of ode to Queer will be published online in October of 2020, and submissions will be accepted until September 1st, 2020

we do not wish to bottleneck the creativity of our artists and accept all forms of writing and visual art, although we do want you to know that our staff and formatting ability is limited, so please adhere to some of these basic guidelines:

  • writing submissions should be under 4,000 words

  • submission attachments must be in the form of a .docx, or .jpeg file

  • only submit one work per submission period (with exception to poetry and visual art)

  • multiple poetry submissions should each be on their own separate page unless they're a collection that you would like published together

  • please submit photography and other visual arts that are saved at 300 dpi or greater

  • include a cover letter and short biography with your submission (you can also include a picture if you'd like)

we request first serial rights, after which all rights will revert back to the artist. we do not reprint work that has already been published, so please let us know if a piece that you have submitted elsewhere is going to be published. 

please send submissions to:

  • Instagram

© 2020 by ode to Queer