Srishti Dass




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Artist Biography

All the places I’ve lived in have been very temporary. There’s not one place I can call
home and feel fully at home. I have moved a lot and will be moving more in the future.
Thus, I use my paintings to create unfamiliar spaces that make me feel comfortable. I
say unfamiliar because of the colors and shapes I decide to use; a space I would not
normally be in. I never start with a sketch or have a final outcome in mind - it’s always
about different elements and colors. Each element of the work- a line, a circle, a shape-
is derived from one another. I decide each one of them by attempting to balance the
composition. I don’t want the viewer to feel forced to perceive my works in a certain way
and thus I decide not to name them most times. I want the viewer to make a space of
their own, to experience the work through their own associations , and to get lost in it.
My entire art practice, as of now, is based on attempting to explore alternative kinds of
spaces on a two-dimensional surface. It also allows me to break rules of perspective. I
start my pieces by deciding the first vanishing point of the first space. I leave traces from
that that leads into a second space. This creates a movement that helps me travel
within the painting. 

The color is another major concern in my work. Coming from a very rich culture in India,
I grew up with a lot of reds, yellows, and greens. I subconsciously deviate towards those
colors while I’m painting. Recently, my focus shifted to how light functions as color. I am
attempting to understand the relationship of light falling on abstract forms and using
figurative elements  within my abstract compositions. I have grown more interested in
the relationships of the elements to one another over the end product.