Narong Tintamusik, Self Portrait

Narong Tintamusik is an artist based in Dallas, TX. His work speak about his life as a sexual abuse survivor. Through painting and its iterations, he reconciles the innocence lost during his youth and makes attempts to understand how past trauma reincarnates into various forms in the present. He lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 10 years and obtained his Biology undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Dallas with a minor in visual arts. He has exhibited in group shows locally in Dallas, TX and beyond including New York, Canada, and Germany. He is currently a part of Artist Co-op 500X Gallery and had his first solo there in early 2020. He has been the recipient the DeGoyler Memorial Fund from the Dallas Museum of Art in 2015.  


Moe Penders, September 2nd Elegance, 4X5 Fuji Expired Film

Moe Penders is a Salvadoran artist, whose practice is mainly framed in traditional photography. They moved to Houston in 2009 to attend the University of Houston where they received their BFA in Photography and Digital Media. Their work explores the social construction of home, intersectionality of identity and gender expression. Moe is interested in conversations which touch upon different social aspects which are relevant to their life and experiences. The portrait submitted is of some of their queer family/community in Houston TX. 


Felipe Roehrig, Untitled

My name is Felipe Roehrig. I'm a visual arts student from Curitiba, Brazil. I'm a photographer, sculpturer and ceramist (pottery). In my college research I write about the problems of heteronormative culture, the title is "Queer Portraits: an analysis of expressions outside heteronormativity"


Honorable Mentions

Fiona Segadães Da Silva, Untitled

I am Fiona Segadães Da Silva. A student in editorial design who practices photography. I am interested in vulnerability as a subjective poetic and political point of view. My subjects are landscapes, details of organic objects, human and non-human bodies. My interests are anthropocene/capitalocene and gender studies. However, my image practice focuses more on melancholia and memory.

Fiona- Queer portraiture contest.jpg

Jay Roff-Garcia, p1nkstar in a leveled basement, 35mm Film Printed on Heavyweight Matte

Jay Roff-Garcia is a Queer Venezuelan-American artist residing in Austin, Texas. They emigrated to Austin, Texas in 2012 to attend the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas. Jay received their BFA in Studio Art in May 2017. Their practice is based in transmedia and manifests itself in performance, sound, video, photography, writing, bookmaking, curation, and installation art. Jay is the founder of Ruido/Noise, an organization dedicated to exhibiting and supporting sound art through public programming, online releases, and artist support. They also make up 1/3rd of rap supergroup Hermit Kingdom.

p1nkstar in a leveled basement.jpg

JC Neihardt, Untitled

My name is JC Neihardt, and I am a Nonbinary, genderfluid pansexual based out of Denton,Texas. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Fine Arts at Texas Woman's University. I work in Ceramics, Sculpture, New Media, and Photography. I make work about gender identity, sexuality, body politics, and social activism. This piece is about the metaphorical fight, that someone who is transitioning, has within their own skin and the aggressive push it takes to feel comfortable with oneself.


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