Lachlan Thompson


Buried Orchids + Collage Accompaniment


Buried Orchids 

Just as paint begins to chip and peel from age

you have formed cracks and folds.


Hide and seek can be played alone

Count to ten

don’t go looking for chipped paint,

but do put your hands in the wet earth

tear apart the weeds

one    by    one

keep a dandelion in your pocket

look over your shoulder

then bury the orchid

(you once believed you were invincible)


An empty home will always be empty

even if you spend your time filling it with the dandelions

you tore out of the ground, kept in your pockets

And they will see what you have accumulated

turn down the hall,

unchanged – unknowing


If you play hide and seek alone

remember that if you put just enough pressure on the third step

It will scream, not squeak

avoid this                     somehow


Remember when you dug up the orchid,

greedily held its petals in your palm

revelling in the wet earth staining your skin

and the vibrant colours

then, laying your body hurriedly down

into the soil to rest


They found you there:        motionless

worn thin

And instead of admiring the cracks forming

between blood, bone, and earth

they turned away to admire the dandelions you had yet to pick

(you are not invincible. and it is not your fault that they did not think to check for buried orchids)

Artist Biography

Lachlan Thompson is a self-taught, multimedia creatrix based on Nipmuc & Pocumtuc land (so called Western Massachusetts). Their art is genrequeer—often blending poetry, collage, painting, and photography. Lachlan is focused on exploring art as a somatic practice—a way to be in and with their body as a Queer and Trans Survivor and hopes their art inspires others to find connection with their own bodies as well. More of their work and social media can be found at