John Compton


bringing you home afterwards

sir, your name

is only a face

on a generic husband 


with short black hair

combed over 

parted down the side

& brown eyes

replicated a million times

to keep the glass less oblivion. 


your jawbone could etch

the underside

if you were to turn & glance

at my thumb covering

your photoshopped wife's head.


the same printout

stocks the shelves...

you're who i want –

to unframe you,

to cut away the she,


to make you single.

i purchase you

at self-checkout

& carry you out in my hands.

it is probable the bag

will wrap around your mouth.


i sit you bed side

to ease a loneliness. 

the lamplight halos

your lips in my masturbation.

Poet Biography

john compton is a 33 year old gay poet who lives in kentucky. his poetry resides in his chest like many hearts & they bloom like vigorously infectious wild flowers. he has published 1 books and 4 chapbooks: trainride elsewhere (august 2016) from Pressed Wafer; that moan like a saxophone (december 2016); ampersand (march 2019) from Plan B Press; a child growing wild inside the mothering womb (june 2020) from ghost city press; burning his matchstick fingers his hair went up like a wick (summer) from dark heart press.