David Greenhalgh



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Fire Wreath

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Into the Woods


The Eye


Wonka's Petit Four

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Artist Biography

David Greenhalgh is a Mixed Media artist who works and lives in Los Angeles, California. The native Angelino often finds inspiration in unusual found objects and vintage or recycled discoveries.

A graduate from UCLA with a focus in English Literature and a minor in Art History, most of David’s artistic training is self-taught. He has become a seasoned regular chosen to participate in the Beverly Hills Art Show where he has won several awards. David has been featured twice on the social media pages of the City of Beverly Hills and he served as a panelist for their virtual art show in May.

For the past several years, David has been exploring the idea of the wreath as a “mixed media art form” using unconventional media, vintage crystals/beads and semi-precious stones. His current projects can be seen at the upcoming Beverly Hills Art Show in October and also on his website at: www.greenphoenixrelics.com.