Daniela Martinez


Spice of Creation

I'm told it's best to eat low on the food chain

so if it's okay,

I'll start at your feet


and work my way up tenderly

like a child climbing a great tree

for the first time,


aspiring to your kind mouth.

But forgive me, love, I’ve lost my manners and

I fear I'm stuck between your thighs.


Can we open this oyster up?

It’s coral silk with ocean aftertaste

against my tongue.


Why wasn’t I taught to read like this?

I can taste the entire alphabet in you.

Numbers come with colors now and suddenly make sense.

I feel the alchemy of poetry and art,

high mathematics and astrophysics.

I can smell the spice of creation.


I could love you clean from the inside out.

My fingertips reach across the soft dips

and curves of your valley.


I watch warm waves

cascade up your arched back

and my jaw aches.


Loose limbs and mussed up sheets.

Next you ask,

would I like to know the constellations of heaven?


The girl of my dreams

comes from an isle

fused in a bag

of loose leaf tea


Her ginger curls

turn the boiling water spicy-sweet

Her hibiscus lips

leave ruby red stains


I'll steep her in my teacup

for far too long, until the taste is too strong And I'll drink every last drop

without sugar or cream

Poet Biography

Daniela is a pansexual cis woman from Chicago. She thrives in environments that allow her to educate herself and others. Her affinity for language learning has made it so she is fluent in Spanish, English and French. In her free time, she likes to daydream and lose herself in poetry.