Damilola Olusegun




Artist Biography

Damilola Olusegun was born in Ogun state in Nigeria in 1997. Having grown up with both parents, and her father who is a huge fan of creativity, her love for art grew tremendously. Throughout her life, Damilola has always been fascinated by art and it is being created to interpret and represent our mindsets. The interest was cultivated during her teenage years when her father discovered it and further pushed her to develop her skill which she took into practice from year 2017.


Being a self-taught, Damilola delved more into her artistic practice,which involved getting exposure to more materials to upgrade her works. She works always with graphite or charcoal or both medium to create her artworks. Through her artwork she is able to pass on messages without even writing an essay. Her subject matter mostly deals with emotions and self discovery. She connects with her environment and situations around her vicinity before creating any art piece.


Damilola has also trained artists specializing in her category of art, both offline and online teachings. She trains them in order to help them foster the same enthusiasm that she has for art.


She has participated in exhibitions both home and abroad; a solo exhibition in Ogun State, Nigeria; Other group exhibitions at ART NUMBER 23, THE OLD BISCUIT FACTORY, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, also at SPORTS BAR AND GRILL, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, her work. Another at THE THOUGHT PYRAMID CENTRE, IKOYI, LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA by iDesign Art. Also an online exhibited by Off the Cost on their website.


Damilola was nominated as the best young visual artist of the year 2019 by The Everyday Chapter and she won her category. Her works have also been featured as cover pages in art publications in AVERAGE ART MAGAZINE and A5 MAGAZINE.


Damilola lives in Sagamu, Ogun state, Nigeria where she owns a studio and work.